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Pendine Sands
Hot Rod Races

We are pleased to announce that the eleventh running of the Hot Rod Races will be happening on Pendine Sands over the weekend of 22nd & 23rd June 2024. Once again there will be two days of non-stop racing action on the historic beach in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. We will be starting around 10am each day and racing for around five to six hours, with high speed thrills from start to finish. Everything is determined by the tide so times can’t be set in stone.


This incredible, award winning event has fast become the most important date on the UK hot rod calendar, with participants coming from all over the globe to take part in the world’s fastest and most exciting beach racing competition available to traditional hot rods and customs. Racing is only open to members of the Vintage Hot Rod Association and their pre-1949 hot rods and customs, so it’s guaranteed old time action all the way.


There are classes for all types of vehicles and engines, with cars being built just to break class records. All vehicles run on a course with a 1/2 mile run up, followed by a time flying 1/16th of a mile, which is where these antique hot rods can hit speeds in excess of 130 mph.


Entry to the pits is for racers and their teams only, but you can spectate for free from outside. You’ll find more details on that down the page. 

Race and Pit Passes - VHRA Members Only - Click HERE to apply. ***ALL PASSES SOLD OUT***

Race and Pit Passes can only be purchased by members of the VHRA, with priority going to those that had membership in place when the event was announced to members on 6th October 2023. All competing vehicles must be be VHRA eligible and meet the criteria defined in our Racing Rules & Regulations. Only pass holders will be allowed access to the pits. Ticket sales go live at 7pm 20th October.

Race Classes

V - Vintage - Pre 54 engines, inclusive of all Ford flathead V8’s

L - Late - 1954 and later engines, includes Burtz & Donovan Model A engines


4 - 4 Cylinder

6 - 6 Cylinder

8 - 8 Cylinder

U - Unlimited Cylinders


B - Blown - Supercharger or Turbo


F - Flathead - ALL valves in block, no OHV conversions


R - Roadster - Open top factory cars. Roof chops allowed, top must be down.

C - Closed Car - Fixed roof factory cars. Roof chops allowed.

M - Modified - Open top special & shortened bodies, including non-factory bodies. 

S - Streamliner - Closed car special & shortened bodies, including belly tanks and non-factory bodies.

K - Full Body - Factory cars post 1934. All  body styles, roof chops allowed. 

Free Spectating - No Pass Required

Outside of the pits it’s free to spectate. No pre-entry or ticket is required, you do not need to be a member and there is no limit on numbers. This will not permit you to enter the pit or race areas, but there is the opportunity to get up close to the cars either side of racing. Parking is available at a fee of £5 per car, payable to the council on the day, which will allow you to park on the beach in your car. Please be aware this is a tidal beach and access may be limited for some visitors. Dogs on leads are welcome. Strictly no drones, Pendine Sands is a no-fly zone.



Space is limited in the pits and we put members needs ahead of all others, so only issue press passes to a few select applicants that we feel will best represent the VHRA. Applications must be made in writing by email to When applying, include a link to your website, social media, details of publications featuring your work and who you will be representing. If a pass is issued, it will not allow access to the race track. Any form of recording or photography for commercial purposes requires the formal consent of the VHRA for which there may be a fee payable. Press applications come to a close on 19th April 2024, at which time we will make our final selection. Due to the number of requests received we may not respond to all applicants.

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Accommodation and nearby

If you're quick then Parkdean Caravan Park across the road from the beach has become the place to stay for racers, with hot rods dotted around the campsite all weekend. There's also the Caban hotel which overlooks the seven mile stretch of beach and neighbours the fabulous Museum of Land Speed. There are other hotels and B&B’s in the area, visit  Staying - Discover Carmarthenshire or search on Google for more details. Whilst your in Pendine, there's plenty more to discover either side of racing, visit Discover Carmarthenshire to find out more about this wonderful corner of the world. 



As well as the VHRA presenting a one-off Hometown Jersey to the King of the Beach, we have a number of other sponsors and contributors to thank for their support. Royal Kustoms for the King of the Beach trophy, garland and bottle of Champagne. Stromberg Carburetor are sponsoring the fastest Vintage engined car with a custom trophy. Down To Earth are sponsoring a prize for the fastest flathead four banger. There will be books from Men’s File for new record holders and there's 100mph Club T-Shirts sponsored by Juarez Fabrication. The Sidewinders will be on hand all weekend, as well as presenting the Tony Candy Memorial Trophy to the fastest naturally aspirated flathead. The team at the Hot Rod Hayride are offering up a pair of tickets in a prize draw for the racers. As always, Jacqueline Davies Art is responsible for the artwork including the T shirt design. finally, the girls working at the event and on the start line will be kitted out by Freddies of Pinewood. We urge you to click on the logos below to find out a little more about our wonderful sponsors.

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2023 Results


King of the Beach - Sponsored by the VHRA x Hometown Jersey and Royal Kustoms.

Winner: David Sollis - 393 L8/C - 130.12 mph

Runner Up: Marcus Bennett - 500 L8/R - 127.45 mph

Third Place: Will Ticehurst - 157 L8/R - 116.42 mph

Fastest Vintage Engined Vehicle - Sponsored by Stromberg Carburetor

109 V8BF/R - Jim Turnbull - 113.52 mph

Tony Cardy Memorial Trophy for Fastest Naturally Aspirated Flathead - Sponsored by the East Coast Sidewinders

563 V8F/R - Kevin Heffernan - 108.89 mph

New Class Record Holders - Sponsored by Men's File Magazine

6 L4F/C - Phil Wells - 62.85 mph

361 L4F/R - Sören Stenström - 85.20 mph

363 L8/C - David Sollis - 130.12 mph

271 V6/C - John Hayward - 73.62 mph

499 V6F/R - Hans Rikk - 76.31 mph

775 V8/R - Nic Rossano - 93.46 mph

299 V8BF/K - Roy Holmes - 108.99 mph

610 V8BF/S - Jamie Williams - 97.74 mph

New 100 MPH Club Inductees - Sponsored by Juarez Fabrication

129 L8/C - Melissa Gee - 102.53 mph

739 L8/R - Richard Rimmer - 100.28 mph

419 V8BF/R - Jake Hartley - 103.22 mph

529 L8/C - Aaron Thomas - 103.55 mph

626 L8/C - Robert Pritchard - 102.99 mph

743 L8/C - Ricky Dunn - 110.17 mph

Special Award - Sponsored by Jacqueline Davies Art

Scarlett Devey for ten years continuous service as Flag Starter

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