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Membership Application

Please ensure your car meets all the rules for joining.

  1. Ownership of a traditional style hot rod or custom is required. Traditional is defined as build styles and practices, ranging from the 1910’s to the early 1960’s. Projects are acceptable but must fall within the rules of the association.

  2. All cars must be of US manufacture prior to 1949. Replica or non-US counterparts are acceptable.

  3. All cars should contain a genuine major component of pre 1949 manufacture. Recognised components are: body, chassis or engine. Ford flatheads of later manufacture are acceptable.

  4. Non-original independent front ends, modern disc brakes, coilover shocks, air bags and/or radial tyres are not acceptable. Cars must contain a good proportion of old parts in their construction.



Please complete all fields and include three current images that clearly show vehicle is VHRA eligible. Two pictures should be of the whole vehicle showing front and rear 3/4 views, the other of the engine in place. Applications will not be processed if form is incomplete and/or correct pictures are not received.

Front 3/4 Image
Rear 3/4 Image
Engine Image

Thanks for submitting your application.

​We'll be in touch once your vehicle is approved to let you know how to make payment.

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