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We Race Hot Rods!

The Vintage Hot Rod Association is all about old cars that look like they may have caused havoc at a dirt track in the thirties, roared across a dry lake bed back in the forties, maybe tore up a dragstrip in the fifties, or perhaps just cruised the streets of Southern California taking their owners nowhere in particular. If your car looks like it fell out of the pages of Throttle, an early issue of Hot Rod, or the Rod & Custom little pages, you’ll know exactly the kind of car we’re talking about.


Since forming in 2010, we have set about creating our own part of hot rod history, by hosting some of the most revered events in hot rodding, which includes the multi-award winning Hot Rod Races on Pendine Sands, the fastest event of its kind in the world. 


We support, promote and represent hot rodding throughout the UK. We are at the forefront of legislation matters that may effect future use of historic vehicles, and are recognised by both the DVLA and DVSA when it comes to registering vehicles.


To become a member of the VHRA, you need to own a car of pre-1949 US manufacture, built in the style of a traditional hot rod or custom. We’re not just talking period perfect recreations, but cars that evoke the true spirit of a bygone era. Old cars modified using old parts is our mantra, from early hop ups to race cars, they’re all welcome at the VHRA.

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